Tuesday, 2 February 2010

House of 1000 Corpses - Horror Film Review

Last Saturday my Halloween 2 Remake DVD turned up, woop de la do, love it! The extras are sparse, include Bloopers, some cool alternate and deleted scenes, and not much else. But Rob Zombie is my fave director, love his stuff! Talking of him, I re watched his first feature film 'House of 1000 Corpses' the other day. The sequel 'The Devils Rejects' is loved by all, an absolute classic.

House of 1000 corpses is a horror based on the crazy family formula of films such as The Hills Have Eyes, and The people under the Stairs. A group of young tourists travelling in the wilds of America learn from a creepy clown who runs a tourist attraction, and petrol station (played fantastically by Sid Haig) that a notorious serial killer called Dr Satan was hung from a tree nearby. The intrigued couples (two horror fans and their girlfriends) decide to have a look for themselves. In the darkness they find a hitch hiker; a young attractive blond girl by the name of Baby. She tells them she can show them the tree, but soon after their car breaks down. Baby gets her brother Wolf to tow them to her house so he can fix their car. Her house is home to a bizarre family, along with Baby and Wolf there is their Mum 'Mother Firefly', a brother Otis, and a giant called Tiny. Needless to say their decision to leave the weird house doesn't go directly to plan, chaos and violence happens. It also appears the supposedly dead Dr Satan is in fact still operating in the area.

God I'm writing drivel tonight. The main characters of the film are actually the crazy family, when I first saw this I had assumed the victims were the mains, but they actually are annoying and are bland compared to the varied and ghoulish family.

The effects are quite cruddy in places, and the films plot is quite dreadful really, what Zombie wanted to achieve resulted in some tacky, and cheap looking sets (such as the underground cave of skulls), but it is still entertaining.

The film is well shot, and has some really unique and fantastic moments, my favourite being the scene with cops investigating the house (end up getting killed with no sound effects or noise at all, a completely inappropriate sweet song playing as the action plays out in complete silence).

My writing skills have completely left me, so I will finish up here. Rob Zombie is a brilliant director, this is definitely worth picking up.  Special note should be given to the wonderfully designed DVD menus that feature the characters of the film in fourth wall breaking brilliance!


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