Thursday, 18 June 2015

Maggie (2015) - Zombie Horror Film News and Trailer

Maggie has been described as a tense, arthouse zombie film but the biggest reason people are going to watch it is that it stars the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger. You might be thinking that him and zombies would equal ridiculous over the top balls to the wall action but instead this seems to be going down a more slow paced apocalypse, think more The Road than Dawn of the Dead.

From what I gather Arnold plays the father of a girl who has become infected in a zombie infested world, as her slow transformation occurs he does everything in his power to protect her against the people who would wish her harm.

I am quite looking forward to this horror which is due to come out in cinemas on 24th July. It is actually making it's UK debut at the Edinburgh Film Festival this Saturday (20th June). It is directed by Henry Hobson and marks his first directed film. Check out the short trailer below...

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