Friday, 24 July 2009

Castlevania: Videogame Discussion - Death: Loyal supporter of Dracula

The Castlevania series of video games has long been a favourite of mine. They are horror themed platformers, usually set in and around Dracula's home - Castlevania.

In the games Death has made a pact to serve Dracula. This is due to the fact that as an immortal Dracula never has to fear Death, and has become Death's master. In the origin game 'Lament of Innocence' (on Playstation 2) it is revealed that Death follows whoever has the 'Immortality' rune, so when the master of the castle; Walter is defeated in that game Death is quick to reap his soul and pledge allegiance to the new master; Dracula.

Death has appeared as a later boss in every single Castlevania game, usually being the penultimate boss, though in Lament of Innocence he is actually the end of game boss. He appears as a floating skeleton in a dark cowl, armed with a scythe. He usually has a second form he changes into when he has taken enough damage. This is usually a 'hyper' version of his original form, though on occasion he has transformed into a skeletal monster. Portrait of Ruin is notable as the first time Death and Dracula actually fight as a team together.

He is a loyal follower to Dracula which is demonstrated in a variety of ways. In Castlevania: The New Generation he aids Elizabeth Bartlett in resurrecting Dracula. In Symphony of the Night he ambushes Alucard and takes away all his powers. In Portrait of Ruin he turns up at Castlevania as he has sensed the return of Dracula.

As long as there are Castlevania games there will be Death. Dracula just wouldn't be the same without his most trusted partner.

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