Monday, 11 March 2013

Before Dawn (2012) - Zombie Horror Film News

Last month Before Dawn was released on DVD (22nd February I believe). Before Dawn is a British zombie film that stars Dominic Brunt; Paddy of Emmerdale fame.

Alex (Brunt) and his wife (both onscreen and off screen) go on holiday in the Yorkshire Dales to try and repair their failing marriage. Being a zombie film I can only assume the pesky undead get in their way. Teamwork to fend off the walking dead must surely be a sure fire way to repair relationship issues though?

Well there you go, that is all the information I currently have on the film other than that on the often dodgy ratings of IMDB where it has an average score of 4.8/10. The trailer is included below, it is not a good trailer but I would be very interesting to see Brunt in a horror role.


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