Friday, 24 October 2014

Ouija, Horns and, Mr Babadook - Horror Film Trailers October 2014

When I watched Annabelle recently there were three different horror film trailers shown before hand. Now Cineworld Northampton has a cruel habit of showing trailers for films that it has no intention of showing, horror films in general get ignored there (recent zombie romantic comedy Life After Beth being a prime example).

Ouija looks to be a teen based take on the demonic force haunting a house genre. The trailer annoys me with all it's 'drooooooomm' noises that seem to pop up in all trailers nowadays. A bunch of teens use a Ouija board to try and contact their dead friend but instead appear to have accidentally made contact with an evil force. Ouija is due out on 31st October in the UK.

Next up is Horns which is a film about a young man (Daniel Radcliffe) whose girlfriend is killed by an unknown assailant. Not only do the whole town think that he is responsible but also demonic horns have started growing out of his head! With the towns people going crazy around him and with him discovering new powers he sets out to find out who really killed the love of his life. This looks real weird but hopefully with a big a draw as Radcliffe (who I just can't see as anyone other than Harry Potter) this will get shown at my Cinema. Horns is out on 29th October in the UK.

Last up is Mr Babadook which looked the most interesting. A boy discovers a creepy pop up book in his bedroom about a sinister figure named Mr Babadook. It seems by reading the book this creature has come into being and starts to haunt the house. This film is out on 24th October here in the UK but is not being shown at my Cinema so again I ask; why show a damn trailer for a film that it is not being shown?

So there you have it; three trailers for horror films that I am probably not even going to get to see, hopefully you will get to. Good cheer and big fears for it is Halloween a week today!

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