Thursday, 7 January 2010

Halloween:Remake - Horror Film Review

Last year I saw Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 - the Halloween 2 remake at the cinema. I loved it. Now I have seen Rob Zombie's Halloween. The film is not as good as it's sequel, but makes the sequel better, and still is a good film despite some small faults.

The Laurie Strode of this film is far more closer in character to Jaime Lee Curtis's Laurie. She's a slightly geeky school girl who baby-sits in her spare time. She's more normal than the almost abnormally innocent Laurie of the original Halloween. The Laurie Strode of Halloween 2 is fucked up, and damaged, so it's cool to see that her character was made that way by the events of this film, and that she's normal in this one.

The film is near 2 hours long, and about half of the film is set in the past. A lot of time is spent on Michael Myers as a child, being bullied at school by other students, and bullied at home by his step father, and also torturing small animals. Before the young Dr Sam Loomis is able to assess Michael, Michael goes psychotic, viciously killing a student, his step father, his older sister, and her boyfriend. It is only about an hour of the film actually spent in the present day.

I enjoyed the film, the usual beautiful violence of Rob Zombies films, and lots of use of the classic Halloween score. The film much more closely follows the events of the original film than Halloween 2 does of it's inspiration. Malcolm McDowell’s portrayal of Sam Loomis is a far more sympathetic one than in Halloween 2.

One thing that is odd is that Laurie is severely messed up by the events of this film, yet not a lot really happens to her. She does get hurt, but indirectly, not as a result of any purposeful violence from Michael. Her friend on the other hand is not only viciously attacked, but sees her boyfriend killed, yet is much less affected (as seen in Halloween 2). It is odd that Laurie is so much more twisted by Myers.


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