Monday, 14 April 2014

Danger Zombies - Horror Stationary

I was in a Pound Shop the other day which as its title suggests is somewhere where everything costs £1. I happened to notice these striking zombie themed stationary sets and just had to buy some of them. I picked up a notepad, as well as a pencil, pen, sharpener and pencil case. Also for sale were a larger pencil case, a zombie themed colouring book as well as zombie felt tip pens.

These products are all aimed at school children which I found to be quite strange as they are full of blood, brains and intestines, albeit in a cartoon style, still for someone whose school banned Garbage Pail Kids cards when I was a nipper I can't imagine they would have been happy with gore soaked stationary.

For £1 it is cheap and cheerful, though I actually really like the notepad, and the sharpener is pretty good as well, the pencil case is made of a very cheap shiny plastic so I probably wont be using that. I love how popular zombies are at the moment, I hope they never fade! Talking of zombies the town was really busy with people last Saturday, mild panic set in as I contemplated just what I would do if they were all undead rather than regular humans...

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