Tuesday 13 June 2023

The Rotting Zombie's News Anthology for 13th June 2023

There always seems to be some reason lately that I am dialing in my blog commitments on the weekend. Last week it was due to my best friend visiting for the weekend, this time around it is due to a new season of Fortnite dropping. Playstation recently had a sale on its indie games, I picked up around ten of them, all of which were priced between 39p and £3.99. I am sure most, if not all of them will be trash, but thought it would be fun to play them for review on my site.

Dead Rise are a theatrical hard-rock/metal band from Southern California, they have recently released a new single, 'Gameover', this is a horror-influenced alternative metal/metalcore track with a fun video. In between shots of the band playing their track, there is a mini-film taking place that charts a young man on a quest to find his missing sister, coming across bizarre supernatural occurrences as he explores a house. 'Gameover' is the first single off of the debut album, 'Plague Fables'.

An official trailer for Luxe Films feature length horror Inherit the Witch has been released. Written and directed by Cradeaux Alexander, this psychological horror has now completed post-production. A fractured family reunite at some remote houses in a forest for a funeral, it is there that a secret is revealed about an occult pact the family have with an ancient evil.

Jumping on the bandwagon of Cocaine Bear comes Cocaine Cougar that has recently released on Amazon Prime and Tubi. Directed by Dustin Ferguson (Mega Ape), this follows a lethal black cougar after it escapes from a Los Angeles lab while high on cocaine. It features Dawna Lee Heising (Blade Runner), Jonathan Nation (The Sixth Sense), Tyrone Tann (Starship Troopers), Erik Anthony Russo (Hell of the Screaming Undead), and Rocky DeMarco (Demolition High).

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